AL MFI Melt Flow Indexer

Melt flow index tests are carried out to characterise the melt flow of plastic raw materials, products and recycled granules in compliance with TS EN ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards. It simulates the behaviour of polymer product or raw material in melt phase.

3 models avaIlable: AL MFI-A, AL MFI-A-B and AL MFI-A-B-O

  • Double compartment heating system
  • Independent temperature control in both compartments
  • Equivalence in heat distribution
  • User friendly, high precision with easier use
  • Functional with touch screen
  • Automated cutter – adjustable cutting time
  • Rigid, solid and stable structure
  • Ground tungsten carbide core (titanium plated) for high precision
  • Automated calculation and reporting software for MFI MVR test
  • Modular structure. AL MFI A, AL MFI A-B and AL MFI A-B-O instruments are convertible to each other


MFR Test : Mass measurement method. Specimens are loaded with a mass of 0.1 mg accuracy and the MFR value is calculated.

MVR Test: D isplacement measurement method. Under a certain pressure, time-dependent movement of the piston is measured with 5 micron precision and MVR value is calculated

Cylinder Specifications
  1. Length 162 mm
  2. Interior Dimensions 9,55 mm ± 0,025 mm
  3. Material Tungsten Carbide
Orifice Specifications
  1. Length 8 mm ± 0,025 mm
  2. Exterior Dimensions 9,55 mm ± 0,025 mm
  3. Interior Dimensions 9,55 mm ± 0,025 mm
  4. Rigidity 500 Vickers
  5. Surface Roughness 10 micron
  6. Material Tungsten Carbide
StandardsASTM D1238, TS EN ISO 1133
Orifice MaterialTungsten KarbürTungsten KarbürTungsten Karbür
Orifice Plug
Orifice Measurements2,90 geçer 2,95 geçmez
Main Reservoir Diameter9,6mm
CylinderTungsten KarbürTungsten KarbürTungsten Karbür
Temperature Range120-450 °C120-450 °C120-450 °C
Temperature Accuracy0,1 °C0,1 °C0,1 °C
Temperature ControlDijital PIDDijital PIDDijital PID
Heating Time10 dk ( 25-200 °C)10 dk ( 25-200 °C)10 dk ( 25-200 °C)
Sample Size3-8 g3-8 g3-8 g
CuttingStep MotorStep MotorStep Motor
Cutting Accuracy0,01 sn0,01 sn0,01 sn
Cutting Time Range0-9999 sn0-9999 sn0-9999 sn
Distance Sensor
Distance Sensor Accuracy5 mikron5 mikron
Auto. Weight Loading Module
0,325 kg Load
1,2 kg Load
2,6 kg Load
3,8 kg Load
5,0 kg Load
8,7 kg Load
10,0 kg Load
12,5 kg Load
20,0 kg Load
21.6 kg Load
USB Data Port
Alarge Reporting Software
Net Weight40 kg43 kg80 kg
Electric Rating220 V / Tek Faz220 V / Tek Faz220 V / Tek Faz
Power (Watt)450 W450 W
Available ● Optional ○ Not Applicable ▬



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