Sabancı Group, the first Group to announce its long-term roadmap in the field of sustainability in Turkey with its 2050 targets announced in the past months, shared its 2020 Sustainability Report with the public.

Despite all the negative operating environment created by the pandemic, Sabancı Group, which continues its sustainability investments without slowing down, became the first Group in Turkey to announce the number of products and services in this field, with 828 products and services that contribute to the transition to a sustainable economy in non-bank activities in 2020. However, while the total size of the Group’s investment, R&D and environmental expenditures in sustainable areas was 287 million TL in the same period; The share of sustainability-oriented R&D activities in total R&D reached 44 percent.

Making evaluations on the subject, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper stated that they had reconsidered the Group’s Promise as “We unite Turkey and the world with pioneering initiatives for a sustainable life” in the past year; “Sustainability has always been one of the top priorities of the Sabancı Group. Three of the five key strategic areas under our Community Promise are directly related to our sustainability policies. These; To lead sustainability in our geographies as a community, to be a leader in digital and material technologies and to adapt to the future of business. Within the scope of our Sustainability Roadmap that we have determined in this direction, we focus and make commitments to take pioneering steps for the solution of the climate emergency, to increase our positive impact on people and society, and to promote sustainable business models.”